Musculoskeletal Histology


Musculoskeletal Histology

Laudier Histology specializes in and provides a full suite of high-fidelity histology services for musculoskeletal tissue and related biomaterials.

  • Resin embedded thin sections.
  • Large format resin embedded thin sections.
  • Resin embedded ground sections.
  • Histomorphometry (Dynamic and Static).
  • Osteo-immunohistochemistry on resin sections.
  • In situ hybridization on resin sections.

Cortical bone ground section stained with Basic Fuchsin.

Bone-tendon enthesis interface. Stained with Trichrome.

Mineralized cancellous bone stained with Trichrome to highlight osteoid.

Patellar tendon insertion and tibial bone histomorphology.

H&E stained section of cancellous bone.