Laudier Histology provides unique light microscopy imaging solutions for all your histology projects. From dissecting microscope level imaging to the highest power magnification available for light microscopy, Laudier Histology can provide it. Tomography imaging is also available.

Image Analysis

Services include histomorphometry for bone analysis, general morphometry for structural analysis of insect tissue and microphotometry for IHC/ISH quantification. Our image analysis service includes developing and implementing custom algorithms for your projects using a variety of imaging software.


Utilizing the finest research microscopes and the highest quality objectives, Laudier Histology provides expert photomicrography from your histology slides. We offer this service on material produced by us or slides produced by another laboratory.

Whether being used for internal documentation, marketing or scientific publications, we will provide you with technically proficient images photographed to your exact specifications. Damien Laudier personally handles all photomicrography projects.

Stent/implant in muscle-tendon juncture.

IVD motion segment with dual imaging with bright-field light and fluorescence.

Photomicrography of arachnid endosternite tissue.

Cockroach microCT imaging.