Arthropod Histology


Arthropod Histology

As a unique and challenging specialty in the field of Histotechnology, insect and related terrestrial invertebrate histology requires exceptional attention to detail and expertise in their fixation, processing and microtomy. The histologist providing these services should have a background in insect morphology and taxonomy.

Laudier Histology has this background and provides this expertise. We produce exceptional histology sections of insect tissue for light microscopy (TEM service is also available) and offer a full range of histology services for these unique animals, including: immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, image analysis and histopathology interpretation. The specialized fixatives required for insects are mixed at Laudier Histology and can be provided upon request.

Honeybee eye histomorphology stained with Toluidine blue. 20x magnification.

Mosquito abdominal morphology.Section stained with Trichrome. 10x magnification.

Scorpion muscle stained with Safranin O. 20x magnification under DIC illumination.

Carpenter ant head histomorphology. Stained with Trichrome. 10x magnification.

Cockroach midgut histomorphology.