Applied Histochemistry


Applied Histochemistry

Laudier Histology provides a full range of histochemistry services for insect and musculoskeletal tissue. We offer:

  • A comprehensive selection of tinctorial stains for feature differentiation.
  • Enzyme Histochemistry.
  • Multiple techniques for immunohistochemistry including immunogold and immunofluorescence.
  • In situ hybridization (DNA or RNA methods).

We work hard to ensure optimal and repeatable assay results.

IHC staining for viral inclusion in a hard-bodied tick.

Osmium tetroxide crosslinking in a peripheral neve.

Custom metachromatic stain of Scorpion trophocytes and connective tissue.

Neuronal protein marker (IHC) in a chemosensory organ of a Camel spider.

Apoptosis marker (IHC) in cortical bone osteocytes.